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The Original Number Bed™

40 Years of Mattress Innovation

Number Bed History

Personal Comfort™ is a sister company of American National Manufacturing, Inc. and we are both owned by the same parent company. The company is steeped in a long tradition and history of building mattresses that can be personalized to meet the ever-changing demands of the body while achieving better sleep. For 40 years, American National Manufacturing has been a leading maker of sleeping surfaces in both consumer and medical markets.

American National's history of innovation in perfecting air-adjustable beds for home and medical use is the foundation on which Personal Comfort™ was made. Personal Comfort™ offers state-of-the-art designs and complementary technology that is elevating the entire category of air-adjustable beds. The entire line of Personal Comfort™ mattresses provides long-lasting support, personalized comfort and completely customizable comfort layers - all at a better value than existing products on the market.

The Original Number Bed™ was produced in 1988 by Craig Miller Sr., then owner of American National. This mattress was the first to feature dual-air adjustability controlled by a dial indicator with a numbered sequence from 0-10. The following timeline shows just how far the company has come since 1988. With no less than four decades of engineering, we are proud to bring Personal Comfort™ to market. The entire line of mattresses offers the industry's highest quality, the most robust warranty and the best value.

The photo to the right was taken at the first trade show where we had the very first Original Number Bed™ on display for retailers and industry vendors to see.

the original number bed

American National was founded
Production of waterbeds began.
American National waterbed production
Production of waterbed mattresses exceeds 25,000 per month. Production of waterbed heaters exceeds 50,000 per month.
Development of The Original number bed™
This image was taken at the WMA (Waterbed Manufacturing Association trade show in 1988 where American National featured the one and only patented computerized number bed. This air adjustable mattress featured dual air chambers and an air control unit that used a dial indicator with numbers ranging from 0-10 (10 being maximum firmness.)
Introduction of the Sustena™ number bed
Manufacturing of the Sustena™ number bed began (US Patent #4995124). The original design of numbers ranging from 0 to 10 used inches of H2O pressure measuring scale. The softest setting was labeled low and then it went from 1 to 10. This computerized mattress also continually maintained your desired setting by adding and removing air silently all thought the night and day.
number bed marketed to hospitals
The same patented number bed mattress was specifically upgraded to meet medical market requirements and sold to hospitals around the world through KCI® (Kinetic Concepts Inc.). Air therapy hospital beds aid in the treatment and prevention of patient pressure injuries, pulmonary issues and more. American National began using the pressure reading scale of millimeters of mercury (mmHg) on all mattresses, including consumer mattresses, to correspond with standard medical practice of measuring pressure against the body.
Private label number bed manufacturing
American National continued to manufacture a line of adjustable firmness air mattresses, including many with number readouts on the remote control, commonly referred to as number beds, to help distinguish them from a basic non-adjustable blow-up mattresses used by houseguests or for camping. American National produced these beds both as private label products and American National branded products
Select Comfort® Introduces the Sleep Number® Settings
This is when Select Comfort® first introduced air adjustable firmness mattresses featuring a hand control with a number. Their advertising and messaging at this time talked about finding your Sleep Number® Setting
Hospital air therapy mattress production increases
American National quickly become a market leader in the private label production of medical air therapy mattress by developing several patented medical air beds for many large medical companies including publicly traded companies like Sunrise Medical and Foamex L.P. which was one of the largest foam producers in the USA. KCI also expanded sales of the patented Sustena™ number bed, internationally. In addition, SizeWise expanded sales of American National's medical mattresses that included mattresses supporting patients up to 1,000 lbs.
Introduction of the Nautilus™ Sleep System
American National began producing adjustable firmness air mattresses for Bowflex®, which originally marketed the product under the name Instant Comfort™. These mattress models introduced a memory setting to memorize the sleepers preferred firmness setting. Bowflex® then purchased Nautilus™ and began marketing these mattresses as the Nautilus™ Sleep System as well as the name FITREST™.
Nautilus™ Sleep Systems
On July 14, 2006 American National purchased the assets of the Nautilus™ Sleep System from Nautilus™ including the brand Instant Comfort™ and began servicing the warranty for the adjustable firmness mattresses sold by Bowflex® and Nautilus®.
Select Comfort®/Sleep Number® sign non-compete agreement
On August 11, 2006 American National signed a design, consulting, and non-compete agreement with Select Comfort® that limited distribution of adjustable firmness mattresses
Introduction of Personal Comfort™
With the expiration of the Select Comfort® non-compete with American National our parent company moved forward with its plans to retail a new direct-to-consumer number bed brand. Personal Comfort™ opened its online store in September 2012.
Personal Comfort Redesign
With inspiration from ever-changing technology, Personal Comfort™ released its newly designed mattress line-up. Design-friendly fabrics to match adjustable bases, new touch screen remotes and Bluetooth® technology were introduced and continue to receive rave reviews.
Today - Family Owned and Operated
Personal Comfort™ continues to help the nation sleep better night after night. To date, more than 20,000 sleepers achieve better and more restful sleep. With 40 years of history, Personal Comfort™ continues to innovate and develop new sleeping surfaces supported by state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to new innovations on the horizon, the next generation of sleepers will be able to look forward to a future of better sleep.