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Free returns

We pay the shipping

Hassle free returns during your 120 night risk free trial.

At Personal Comfort® Bed we believe a full 120 nights is needed for your body to adjust to its new sleep support system. Please contact us if during any part of the 120 night risk free trial you are not completely satisfied with the overall comfort. We will do our best to supply you with the best night sleep you can receive.

If you are still unhappy, we will pay for the shipping back of your Personal Comfort Bed if you don't feel that a Number Bed is right for you.

You must sleep on the bed for at least 45 nights to qualify.

On rare occasions, sometimes the air chambers functionality isn’t enough, our Comfort Exchange Policy allows for you to exchange components of your mattress to help accommodate for a more plush or firm feeling. If you qualify for a Comfort Exchange we will also cover the shipping of your new components and the return shipping of the components you no longer need.

If you have any questions about our free returns please contact one of our Number Bed Sleep Specialists at 1-888-694-4088 x2 or use our online form by clicking here.

You may also read more about our return policy by visiting our terms and conditions page.