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Set up your Personal Comfort number bed with these easy instructions compared to Sleep Number

Assembly instructions

Set up your mattress in 30 minutes or less.

Assembling your number bed is quick and easy.

Depending on the model and type of shipping services requested, your Personal Comfort bed may require assembly and arrive in several boxes or fully assembled in one box. If you purchased an adjustable bed base with your order, or White Glove delivery, your mattress may also be delivered fully assembled. On average, the Personal Comfort mattress takes around half an hour to fully assemble. For your convenience, you may download printable instructions below and watch our assembly videos by clicking the links below.

Connecting your air control unit and hand controllers

Before you plug in your air control unit, we highly recommend using a surge protector (Note: this is not included in your shipment). A surge protector will protect your air control unit and electronics from damage caused by a power surge or a lighting strike, which is not covered by the 25-year limited warranty.

Your air control unit and hand controllers should arrive pre-calibrated to your mattress size. If you are having trouble with the air control unit or hand controllers, we suggest you re-calibrate your system. Something not working? Wrong size? Pump or controller problems? Please call customer service.

Troubleshooting your Personal Comfort bed

Here are some common troubleshooting questions:

  • Are you having difficulty setting up your bed?
  • Are you missing parts?
  • Did your product get damaged during shipping?
  • Is something not working properly?
  • Are your air chambers leaking?

If you think any of these questions may apply to you, please visit our troubleshooting page.

You may also call customer service at 1-888-694-4088, ext. 2.

We're here to help, so please contact us if you're experiencing a less than desirable experience.

Number bed setup videos

Classic Series

View Classic Series setup video

Advanced Series

View Advanced Series setup video

Elegance Series

View Elegance Series setup video

Memory Foam Series

View Memory Foam Series setup video

Flex-Head™ Series

View Flex-Head™ Series setup video

Number bed assembly instructions

Classic Series

A2 Instructions - 2.1MB PDF
A3 Instructions - 2.1MB PDF
A4 Instructions - 2.1MB PDF

Advanced Series

A5 Instructions - 2.1MB PDF
A6 Instructions - 2.1MB PDF
Online Special Instructions - 2.1MB PDF

Elegance Series

A7 Instructions - 2.1MB PDF
A8 Instructions - 2.1MB PDF
A10 Instructions - 2.1MB PDF

Memory Foam Series

H10 Instructions - 2.3MB PDF
H12 Instructions - 2.3MB PDF

Flex-Head™ Series

Flex-Head™ Instructions - 2.1MB PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view. Click Here to Download Adobe Reader

Note: : If you already have a box spring, please make sure that your box spring isn’t damaged or sagging in the middle. If you’re using a slat support system, make sure you space the slats evenly (no gaps larger than 4") to support the mattress. If your bed has fewer than three slats, we highly recommend adding additional slats to provide adequate support of your Personal Comfort Sleep System. If you're not able to add more slats, we recommend purchasing a box spring.