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App Instructions

Control Your Mattress Without Wires

Using the Personal Comfort App

The following instructional tutorial will guide you through the process of downloading, installing and operating the Personal Comfort bed App. If you are having difficulty operating the App, please take the time to read below. You can also call our Customer Service department: 1-888-694-4088 ext. 2.

This App is compatible with iOS and some Android devices. If you are experiencing issues with the App, please let us know by emailing Please include the make and model of your device and which version of iOS or Android you are using. It may take 24 to 48 hours for a reply.

Search for the App

Search for the Personal Comfort bed App within iTunes or Google Play.

Our is now available for Android and iOS.

Get it on Google Play         Download on the App Store

Install the App

Select "install" to begin downloading and installing the App.

Connecting the App

Select "connect" to begin the connection process. You must have a Personal Comfort Advance, Elegance or Memory Foam Series bed in order for this App to connect.

You can also connect your Reverie® or Personal Comfort Flex adjustable bed base (Note: it must have Bluetooth to work).

Connect the Air Control Unit

Select the Air Control Unit from the devices list to begin connection.

Confirm Connection

Your device should have a check mark next to it after the App has successfully connected to the device.

Select Bed Type

If your Personal Comfort bed is a Queen (dual), King, California King, Split King or Split California King it will have two air chambers. You will need to select "Dual Chamber" for the App to work correctly with your mattress.

If you have purchased a Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double or Queen (single sleeper) you will need select "Single Chamber" for your mattress to work with the App.

Select Adjustable Bed Base

Only compatible with: Reverie 7S, Reverie 8Q, Personal Comfort Flex adjustable bed bases. These adjustable bed bases come with a Bluetooth adaptor that connects to the App.

King and California King bases come in two separate pieces and show up as two separate devices within the App. If you special ordered a Split Queen, it will also be in two separate pieces.

Test Adjustable Bed Base

Select "Test" to test your adjustable bed base. The head of the base should move up slightly. This will help you determine which side of the bed the device is located.

Choose Side

Stand at the foot of the bed when you start your test. This will help you determine which side of the bed your device is on.

Single bases (Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen) should select "Single" for App to work properly.

Sync Bases

Sync Head and Feet: For split adjustable bed bases (Split Queen, King and California King) you can choose to synch both sides together so the base functions as one unit.

Sync Feet Only: You can also sync only the feet sections of both bases so the feet will raise together and the head will be separate (great for Flex-Head mattresses).

Do Not Sync: You can tell the App to not sync any of the bases so the function independently from each other (recommended setting).

Adjust Comfort

Select the "Comfort" tab at the bottom of the screen to make an adjustment to the mattress. Select "L" or "R" to determine which side of the mattress you would like to adjust the level of comfort.

Note: If you are selecting "L" (Left) and the right side of the mattress adjusts, your hoses are probably connected the the opposite side. Please re-connect your hoses to the correct side of the mattress and repeat the steps above.

Save Your Number

Select "Presets" from the tab on the bottom of the App. Here you can save up to three different number bed settings per side.


Select the preset slot you wish to save your new number setting and select "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Adjusting the Mattress

Here is a demonstration of what happens when you adjust the mattress to be firmer.

Home Screen

Please wait while the adjustment is taking place. You may see this screen if you have a significant difference in your adjustment. It may take the air control unit a minute to find your new number bed setting.

Adjustable Bed Base

Select "Base" tab at the bottom of the App and you will find several controls for your adjustable bed base. The pillow icon adjusts the head of the bed up and down. The foot icon adjusts the foot of the bed up and down. You can select which side to control by highlighting the "L" or "R" buttons. The "Dual" button allows you to quickly sync the base together to function as one unit. For your convenience we have included three presets positions for your adjustable bed base: flat, zero g and snore.

There are up to four memory settings per side of the base. This is if you want to save that perfect position to memory.

There is a light button for underbed illumination (if applicable). Some Bluetooth devices do not come with underbed lighting.

The massage icon allows you to turn on the head and/or the feet. You also can turn on "Full Body" massage. When you are finished select the "Stop" button.

Saving an Adjustable Bed Base Setting

Once you have found a setting you would like to save, select "Save" from the memory settings area on the "Base" tab.

Select a Memory Button

Select a memory button to store your adjustable bed base setting. Select "Cancel" if you would like to go back.

Enjoy the Personal Comfort App

Control the Personal Comfort bed from your phone or tablet. Personal Comfort is a number bed manufacturer with their own downloadable app which makes it easy to adjust your mattress wirelessly.

Our state-of-the-art air pump system has a built in bluetooth module that allows you to sync your device to the mattress. Just launch the Personal Comfort app, select your side and adjust, it's really that simple!

Our is now available for Android and iOS.

Get it on Google Play         Download on the App Store