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Classic Series
A2 - Save $400
8" Mattress Save $400 Compare to Sleep Number c2
A3 - Save $900
9" Mattress Save $900 Compare to Sleep Number c4
A4 - Save $600
10" Mattress Save $600 Compare to Sleep Number cse
Advanced Series
A5 - Save $900
11" Mattress Save $900 Compare to Sleep Number p5
A6 - Save $2,000
12" Mattress Save $2,000 Compare to Sleep Number p6
Elegance Series
Silver sLE - Save $3,100
Silver sLE
12" Mattress Save $3,100 Compare to Sleep Number iLE
A8 - Save $2,450
13" Mattress Save $2,450 Compare to Sleep Number i8
A10 - Save $3,200
15" Mattress Save $3,200 Compare to Sleep Number i10
Memory Foam Series
H9 - Save $1,600
10" Mattress Save $1,600 Compare to Sleep Number m7
H11 - Save $1,500
11" Mattress Save $1,500 Compare to Sleep Number m7
Online Edition - Save $2,540
Online Edition
11" Mattress Save $2,540 Compare to Sleep Number p5
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14" platform bed base.
Metal foundation fits all popular sizes.
Cover and brackets cost extra.

Adjustable Bases

Fully adjust your head and feet with remote control.
Available in Twin Long, Full Long, Queen, Queen Split, King Split, California King Split.

Mattress Protector

10 year guarantee
Protects against liquids and stains
Waterproof yet breathable
100% natural terry cloth cover
Machine washable
Fits up to 22" mattress

Personal Comfort® Instant Comfort System

The only remote system in the mattress industry based on superior medical settings to give you most optimal sleep surface available.

Personal Comfort® Medical Grade Manufacturing

In 1995, we became the first FDA Registered consumer mattress manufacturing facility. Up until today we are still the one and only mattress manufacturer Registered by the FDA.

Personal Comfort® 2 Zone Patented Technology

Each person can individually personalize their preferred desired comfort. Change and customize comfort however and whenever you like.

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Compare Sleep Number® i8 Bed vs. Personal Comfort® A8 Bed

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Personal Comfort®

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13" Personal Comfort® A8 Bed vs Sleep Number i8 Bed ®

Elegance Series

The Elegance Series lineup are most popular for the luxurious and quality marksmanship and include nearly every feature imaginable. The Elegance series models come with our exclusive and patented reversible seasonal top cover, this is a two sided cover that can be flipped at anytime, which helps reduce wear and tear.

Our patented zipped center panel design also allows you access the mattress’ center comfort compartment. This compartment contains an evolution foam comfort layer and a ventilated gel infused Visco memory foam layer which is easily accessible for rotating the foam layers for longer life. You can also swap the comfort layers over each other to give you even more customizability with your mattress. The Personal Comfort a10 bed comes with split foams so each side of the mattress can have their own customized comfort layers. Furthermore, these comfort layers can be easily upgraded or replaced, which allows you to renew, rather than replace your mattress.

These models come standard with our fully digital state of the art pump system. Personal Comfort is owned and operated by a large medical company and brings medical standards to quality and technology in the consumer market. All of our pump systems use a medically recognized pressure scale with 45 unique number settings, from 5 to 50, and measures the internal pressure of the mattress in millimeters of mercury. Our 2-Zone technology allows complete adjustment for each sleeper and our touch screen digital remotes offer complete individualized personalization.

Compare the Personal Comfort A8 bed to the Sleep Number i8 bed by clicking here to learn more.

Owned and operated by an FDA Registered medical device manufacturing facility in the U.S.A.

Advanced Features:

Completely Personalize:

The only mattress that is completely customizable to your personal preferences.


Feature: Personalize Your Sleep. *Comes standard on all models.

Benefit: Each person can individually personalize their side of the mattress to their desired comfort. Change and customize however and whenever you like.

Completely Changeable:

An additional comfort and support feature that is only available by Personal Comfort Bed. Instantly change the topper support foam or cover by switching out the Center-Panel system at any time.


Feature: Inter-Changeable Components *Comes standard on all models.

Benefit: Upgrade or downgrade the topper foam, cover, or pump system at any time for the life of the mattress.

Replaceable Components:

As the benchmark of the mattress industry, the Personal Comfort Bed is the last bed you will ever need. What other mattress offers the ability protection your investment for the life of your mattress? Replace any component at anytime for any reason, without having to purchase a brand new mattress.


Feature: Replaceable Components *Comes standard on all models.

Benefit: Allows the ability to replace any component to make bed "like new" again. No need to purchase another bed ever again.

Completely Upgradable:

Upgrade your mattress to an adjustable bed base at any time.


Feature: Ability to upgrade to an Adjustable Bed Base System *Comes standard on all models.

Benefit: Utilize the highest form of sleep by upgrading to an adjustable bed base that allows you to adjust and elevate your head and feet at anytime. *Massage features available on some models.

(All New) Reversible Comfort Layers:

Dual comfort layers offer the ability to reverse the comfort layer firmness by simply unzipping the cover and reversing foams. Available only at Personal Comfort Bed.*Available on select models.


Feature: Reversible Dual Comfort Layers.

Benefit: Reverse your comfort layers at any time for each person. Each person has the ability to switch comfort layers to their personal preferences.

sleep number i8 bedMattress Thickness:

13" Total Thickness - A8 Mattress with 4" Duvet Suede Pillow Top.

Cover Fabric:

Breathable luxurious four way stretch quilted cover of Aloe Vera and Bamboo.


Feature: Four way stretch quilted cover.

Benefit: Provides enhanced support by reducing the “hammocking” effect associated with non-stretchable fabrics. Cover is durable, removable, reversible and cleanable. *Recommended dry clean or professional cleaning only.

Reversible Cover:

The only reversible two-sided cover available in the entire mattress industry.


Feature: Patented Reversible Cover with summer and winter sides.

Benefit: The top cover can be removed and rotated for increased comfort and durability. Quilted with bamboo fabric on one side and cool Aloe Vera on the other, this top cover can be flipped as the seasons change for added comfort. The large zipper design makes it easy to remove and flip cover when needed. Easily clean your cover if accidentally soiled. *Recommended dry clean or professional cleaning only.

Comfort Layer 1 of 2:

2" Medical grade gel memory foam comfort layer.


Feature: 2" Ventilated Evolution Gel Foam - Premium medical grade gel visco memory foam.

Benefit: Offers the most superior and highest recommended pressure relief of any other foam available. Offers increased cooling effect because of ventilation holes. Foam comforts and supports to reduce pressure points issues and increases circulation during rest.

Comfort Layer 2 of 2:

2" Superior convoluted comfort foam.


Feature: 2" Evolution Foam - Premium medical grade convoluted comfort foam.

Benefit: Offers superior pressure relief, comfort, and support to relax muscles and increase circulation during rest.

Reversible Comfort Layers:

Reverse comfort layers of your mattress at any time.


Feature: Reversible Comfort Layers.

Benefit: Additional personalization of your comfort zones. At any time you can open the Center-Panel support system and reverse comfort layers to your personal preferences.

Dual Touch Screen Remote System:

Setting the standard higher with upgraded version of Instant Comfort™ touch screen remotes. The only remote system in the mattress industry based on superior real medical settings to give you most optimal sleep surface available. 50 unique advanced medical settings based on mm/Hg and 2 memory settings (single remote comes with twin, twin xl, full).


Feature: Instant Comfort™ Dual Touch Screen Digital Remotes with 45 unique medical pressure settings, from 5 to 50. Advanced calibration feature to increase accuracy and speed of adjustment.

Benefit: his system is used in medical profession to understand your own bodies ability to recover and rejuvenate at the highest level. Settings below 32 mm/Hg will increase bodies ability to recover and increase circulation. Settings above 32 mm/Hg will decrease your bodies ability to recover optimally. *Standard with 2 memory settings. *not available on the Sleep Number i8 Bed

Center-Panel System:

An advanced system that allows the Personal Comfort Bed the last bed you will ever need.


Feature: Center-Panel Design System w/ Damask fabric.

Benefit: This comfort compartment allows you to access the foam comfort layers and easily rotate them for longer life.  Furthermore, these comfort layers can be upgraded or replaced easily to renew rather than replace your mattress.

Pump System:

Quiet medical grade low voltage pump system.


Feature: Instant Comfort™ control system.

Benefit: Quick and quiet pump performance with real time display and dual memory settings for instant comfort and pressure relief.  Designed to lock and hold comfort settings during power outages.

2-Zone - Chamber System:

6" Durable anti-microbial 24-gauge thick vulcanized rubber air chamber.


Feature: Cross baffled vulcanized rubber chamber design.

Benefit: Creates uniform comfort and support throughout mattress. Medical grade for long lasting support and extremely durable from leaks and puncture resistant. *Only available on queen, king and california king sizes.

Chamber Hose Design:

The most advanced hose design and hose connection available, can work with other manufactures as well.


Feature: Kink Resistant Hose design with simple to use locking Quick-Connects.

Benefit: Hoses will not kink so that you will never be without adjustably of your mattress. The locking Quick-Connects allows you to easily disconnect the chamber from pump without losing any air. Great for moving your mattress, or allows you to use the mattress without the pump. *not available on the Sleep Number i8 Bed

Foam Base:

A 1” high density foam base pad below the air chambers and between the foam perimeter.


Feature: 1” foam base pad.

Benefit: Allows for increased stability of the perimeter rails and added comfort for super soft settings.

Wrapped Rail System:

A reinforced foam perimeter consisting of four wrapped rails of high density foam used to create uniform construction, easy of assembly, and superior edge and corner support.


Feature: Wrapped Rail System.

Benefit: Maximum edge to edge and corner to corner support assures the mattress will hold its shape over time.

Learn How to Use the Controller:

The Personal Comfort control system is very simple and easy to use. Please watch this short video to learn about how you can completely personalize your new mattress by adjusting it to your preferred number bed setting.

Patented Reversible Top Panel:

We are the only number bed mattress manufacturer that has a reversible top panel. Please watch this short video to see how easy it is to use.

Compare to Sleep Number® Bed

Become an Educated Consumer through the use of this comparison chart.
Easily compare features and benefits of Personal Comfort® Bed

Get the Facts:
How we stack up

Sleep Number®

FDA Registered™


Personal Comfort Bed is owned and operated by an FDA Registered medical device manufacturing company.
Value added feature.

NeverSag™ Guarantee


Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Value added feature.

Touch Screen Technology


Touch screen technology comes standard with all mattress models.

Dual Remote Controls (Wired)

i10 is only mattress available with dual wireless remotes.

Dual wired remotes on all dual chamber models.

Upgradeable & Changeable Components

The beds are not convertible to different models. Lowest end model cannot be upgraded to top of the line model.

Upgrade or downgrade the topper foam, cover, or pump system at any time for the life of the mattress. Our lowest end model can be upgraded to our highest end level model.
Value added feature.

Fully Customizable


We are the manufacturer so can make custom sizes for RV's, luxury boats and anything you may need special sizing.
We also can alter the foams within your mattress for a more customized level of comfort (additional charges may apply).
Value added features.

Patented Reversible Cover


Two covers for the price of one.
Value added feature.

Edge Support

Some models have air chambers that go the entire width and length of the mattress "edge to edge technology" which causes you to roll off the edge of the bed because of a lack of support.

Edge support perimeter, available on all models.
Value added feature.

No Sales Tax Outside of FL

Charges sales tax in states that have sales tax.

No sales tax is charged in any state *Except FL
Use Tax may apply in your individual state.
Extra savings.

120 Night Risk Free Trial

Offers 100-day trial, shipping fees are additional.

Free shipping both ways.
Value added feature. Advanced, Elegance & Memory Foam Series Models.

Free Delivery

Charges delivery fees in some or all states.

FEDEX Fast Free Shipping with fast speedy delivery usually ships within 24 hours. Depends on if your order has any customized items, adjustable bed base and other accessories that may delay shipment.
Value added feature.

Limited Lifetime Warranty - 3 Years Full

2 Year Full Only

We stand behind our product by offering another full year of head-to-toe coverage

Works with Adjustable Beds

But no cost savings.

Cost savings when upgraded if you purchase today or at a later date.
Value added feature.

Dry-clean Safe Cover



Fully Replaceable Components



2 Zone Personalization™

24 Gauge Vulcanized Rubber Cotton Chamber

24 gauge air chamber thickness.

24 gauge medical grade chamber.
Value added feature.

Best Value & Average Cost of Products



+ Value added features


Number Bed Settings Sleep Number ® Bed Setting Personal Comfort Number Bed Setting
Very Plush 5 - 20
Only adjusts in increments of 5 (five).
5 - 10
Plush 25 - 40
Only adjusts in increments of 5 (five).
11 - 20
Offers Best Circulation
45 - 60
Only adjusts in increments of 5 (five).
21 - 30
Firm 65 - 80
Only adjusts in increments of 5 (five).
31 - 40
Capillary closure begins at 32 so if you find yourself tossing and turning try a lower setting than 32.
Very Firm 85 - 100
Only adjusts in increments of 5 (five).
41 - 50


Disclaimer: This is for comparison use only. Personal Comfort® Bed is not associated with Sleep Number® Bed by Select Comfort®.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Wonderful, Comfortable Bed! 5 Star Rating: Recommended

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2016

    We got our A8 split king last October. The bed came basically assembled. All we had to do was put the mattresses on the frames and hook up the pump and controls. Very simple. I had back problems and the zero gravity setting is heaven! My back loves this bed. My husband uses C-Pap and enjoys sleeps with his head up. He likes his side very plush and I like the setting of 25. Unlike the Sleep Number we tried previously and sent back, This bed is not uncomfortable to lay over to the other side. The Sleep Number had a very hard pronounced ridge in the middle, this bed does not. I have no problem cuddling with my husband in this bed. The only negative I have about the adjustable frames is that you can't use a skirt on the bottom. However I found a way to do it anyway. I cut the mattress cover part off leaving just the skirt. I pinned the skirt on the inside of the frame with straight pins. Looks great and allows the frames to move up and down uninhibited. May come back and update my post down the road as we get more wear on the bed.

  2. Overheats 3 Star Rating: Recommended

    Posted by Dave on 9th Jan 2016

    I love this bed except for the fact it regularly overheats at the point of contact with the bed. This is a deal breaker. Hoping customer service can help me resolve this problem otherwise it's a waste purchase/defective. They should hopefully send complimentary cooling sheets and pad (they already kindly complimented a cooling mattress cover) and this will resolve the problem. It is very disappointing to have paid so much money for a bed that I can't use. I will update how this gets resolved and adjust the stars accordingly.

  3. Nice bed, 4 Star Rating: Recommended

    Posted by Eric P on 7th Oct 2015

    I was having back pain issues with my old waveless waterbed that I've had for years. I now have less pain but still some. I got the King size with the cooling mattress protector. I thought that this bed would be colder then a heated waterbed, but my body heat is enough to keep me very warm, sometimes too much. Comforter is really not needed. I had to cut a notch in the board under the bed for the hoses. No big deal. Installation went well, I had it all put together in a couple of hours.

  4. Positive experience with sales consultant 5 Star Rating: Recommended

    Posted by Jeff D. on 17th Feb 2015

    I was skeptical with a non-traditional purchase so I began extensive internet research on air adjustable beds. I checked all the available manufacturers, studied all the different features, pricing, talked to different sales people with each manufacturer and read through countless testimonials. So, I decided to purchase a Personal Comfort bed (A8) based on these factors: Positive experience with sales consultant
    Quality of materials and workmanship

    I received my bed (A8) and it was fairly easy to assemble. The controls are pretty straight forward. The comfort level was nice and I was impressed with the feel of the bed. The instant comfort system seems very sensitive, varies to body weight and temperature. The only “negative” and it is slight, is that the comfort system is a bit noisy but not extreme. Most industry reviews state this as an issue with all manufacturers. I don’t think it’s too bad.

    As I assembled the bed, I noticed the quality of the components: dense foams and quality cover. Even better, you can customize or replace components very easily. I really value this feature.

    I haven’t had my bed long, but so far I am impressed with quality and feel. The sales specialist and customer service has been great to work with. I highly suggest people looking at all options before making a purchase. When you do, you will find that Personal Comfort will be a great investment and you don’t have to overspend with the “other” manufacturers.

  5. Best bed we've ever slept in 5 Star Rating: Recommended

    Posted by Lee and Anne on 7th Oct 2014

    After being disappointed with pricing shipping costs and of course taxes with another company that advertises on TV, I found your website while surfing the web quite by accident and decided to go on your chat feature and find out about your beds. Your A8 in the king size was what my husband and I wanted. We had been sleeping on a queen size Select Comfort bed and felt like sardines in a can and while their bed was ok comfortable it wasn't as plush and comfy as your Personal Comfort Bed. We ordered the bed and it arrived in 3 boxes within less than a week. I should mention I'm a senior in my 70's and I had absolutely no trouble setting up the bed by myself while my hubby was at work. The directions were very easy to follow and it only took me about an hour to set up the mattress on our platform bed frame. My hubby likes his side firm at about 23 and I like my side softer at 18. We have been getting the best sleep ever since we got our bed. I should mention my hubby snores like a freight train but on this bed his snoring is much softer and he is sleeping through the night without waking up at all, something he never did on our old bed. I wake up rested (despite his snoring) and feel "young" again when I wake up. One thing I didn't expect was the two really nice pillows that were included at no charge. Now who doesn't like a "freebie"? The pillows are designed well and a problem I had waking up with a stiff neck has vanished completely. I really like that the bed pieces can be replaced or upgraded if necessary although I don't see us having to do that at all. I must also give cudo's to your ladies and gentlemen that work the chat line. They answered all my questions and I had chatted 2 or 3 times before I showed my hubby your website. He was very impressed with your better prices and had no hesitation at all and told me to go ahead and order the A8 king size bed. We also went with the financing available that you have and the payments are very reasonable - another plus for your company. The option of doing the financing online was easy for my computer geek husband and within a few hours we were approved. You made purchasing a new bed online very easy, quick and its nice to have your financing if we also want to get extra bedding, sheets and what have you in the future. You folks have a great company and a great bed - our backs thank you from the bottom bone to the top. I wish we'd known about Perfect Comfort Beds years ago. You really should advertise more.

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